10th Floor by Potter Payper

[Verse 1]
Tenth floor living, I thought I'd see it all
I never understood, I couldn't see at all
I used to look up to some G's and wanna be 'em all
At one point in my life I said "free 'em all"
Free them, shit free me and all
Bad breed, I couldn't be in school
I was that little man riding in the vehicle
Down to on sight and do life, just give me a thought
What a shame it would've been if she sent me to school
Nan that is, but I ran that strip
And I came up short, donny bust my lip
All the hands I bit tryna get those kicks
Lessons I learned early, gotta stand by this
Who's gonna stand by me after all them years ran by me?
Can't hear these screams when the shit's getting deep
Just pass my weed, I wanna sell that dream
[Verse 2]
I really came up rough, my mum sold puff
She told me "look, don't touch" but I done saw too much
Ralis running round my household
Even then I kept my mouth closed
Real ish, I am road, I can't stand road
Lessons learned, I couldn't doubt those
Shit I couldn't condone
Nights I never used to come home
I used to tell my nan "your grandson's grown"
So they can take me if they want
I ain't got nothing worth losing, that's just what they had me on
So whose fault was that when it was falling back?
Real talk, no rap, real rap, less talk
Or we can get to walking, my lifestyle's appalling
My endo's distorted

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