A Fool by Ceo Trayle

This one for all the fuck niggas
(Ayy, Don, this beat)
For sure (Dumb)
Damn, yeah
You's a goddamn fool, boy

Ayy, told him, "You's a fool if you think that you gon' get me," ayy (You gon' get me)
Big Folks with me tote a fifty (Tote a fifty)
I think she want a baby by 4, she tryna trick me, ayy, ayy (Tryna trick 4)
I told her, "Bitch, just fuck me like you miss me" (Like you miss me)
Did you miss me? (Did you miss 4?)
Uh, walk in double C's (Double C's)
She got double D's (She got double D's)
She in love with me (She in love with me)
I be in the trap gangbangin' where my brothers be (Fuckin' brothers)
I'm gon' shoot for us, just tell Big Folks to cover me (To cover me)
Said that nigga walked in and bought a 'bow, then walked out (Ayy, then walked out)
Soon as he got back to his neighborhood, got chalked out (Ayy, got chalked out)
You ain't doin' shit, nigga, if you ain't bein' talked 'bout (You ain't bein' talked 'bout)
Still be at Plug house
And for the longest time, that been the fuckin' plug house (Ayy)
So tell them niggas talk what they know, ayy
You don't really know shit if you don't Mr. Backdoor (On God)
I ain't never G no bitch, I ain't kissin' that ho (On God)
Ayy, fuck one of the guys, then you can't touch the CEO (The boss)
These niggas be surprised I'm still posted at that store (On God)
Open your eyes, bitch, watch Big 4 glow (Ayy, open your eyes, bitch)
Real mob ties, I got niggas watchin' my door (Ayy, mob ties)
But I'm still the same nigga, I still cook my own dope (Cook that dope)
When that check came in, I still took care my folks (Took care them folks)
I blew 400K, ain't shit to show for it, went broke (Four hundred thousand)
Run a sack out the A, I fucked too many of these hoes (Sack out Atlanta)
I went back to the basics, need my Pyrex and my stove (Back to the basics)
It's a warzone
Niggas dyin' 'round my way, so put your boots on (They dyin', boots on)
If you scared, ain't no church open, so stay at home (Stay at home)
Niggas say they know C4 just 'cause they play a song (They play a song)
I took seven shots close range, he should've played the dome, yeah (Should've played the head)
Should've played the dome (Should've played the head)
Ayy, Big 4, he should've played the dome (He should've played the head)
(Ayy, now that nigga dead, ayy
Should've played the fuckin' head)
Ayy, told him, "You's a fool if you think that you gon' get me" (That you gon' get 4)
Movin' so militant and swiftly (Got an army)
Know I got a hundred shots, bangin' like a big B (Like a)
But it's so many hundreds in my pockets like a Crip, see?
This shit so strong, the dogs already smell it (Uh)
Don't trust him, he tellin' (Tellin')
That paperwork gon' tell it and 4 a convicted felon
7.62 through his front door, bitch-ass nigga yellin', ayy
You ain't did what I did yet, you don't get no credit (You don't get no credit, nigga)
Ayy, you don't get no credit yet
Sit your lil' ass back, boy

Song writer(s): CEO Trayle

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