A Town Like Hurricane by A Lily

My son told me he ran to school in the dead of night
he broke those doors down and he filled the rooms with his light
and he held his girl, he held her tight
"you're with God now," he said,

"If I were to let you down, I'd let you down gently
if I were to speak to God, I'd speak to God softly"

No-one told my son "put your life in my hands"
so my boy is angel to the world, to his town
"rest your head in my arms and sleep, dear.
You're with God now" he'd say,

"If I was to let you down, I've let you down gently
if you were to speak to God, you'd say to God softly"

"you write like a cumbersome angel,
rudderless like a ship lost in snowy sea.
You were the mother, the daughter and the sister of God,
and you held my head above shallows.
For a little while."

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