Aggie And The Da by Hamell On Trial

You're bleeding everywhere
Throw a plug in there
Try and find your panties Aggie, do something with your hair
The crotchless ones will do
Got the heaven's view
Got a mission here Aggie, counting on you
We fucked til 8am
And you want to go again
There's a line out the door, got to let them in
Hungover no doubt
Jukebox way too loud
Here at the Apocalypse we get the breakfast crowd

Hey Aggie! Hey Aggie!

There's a wallet that you'll see
In the wallet is a key
In the pocket of the D. A. and the key is what I need
He breaks from the courthouse
At lunchtime he gets soused
Spread your legs there Aggie and we'll watch him get aroused. Spread eagle won't you shock
He's harder than a rock
I put a roofie in his drink and you won't have to suck his cock
Now the chumps elastic
Steal his keys and plastic
Your seats all wet you're a tad enthusiastic
He's copping Z's
Steal his wallet and his keys
She's got his limp dick and she's taking much selfies
Hey Aggie! Hey Aggie!

Well my shift it ends at 4
And I'm stocked and out the door
Key to a strongbox, Citibank, second floor
The guard is cracking wise
I can see it in his eyes
He's skeptical of intent but he fucks my sister on the side
The key is in the lock
And it comes as no great shock
Graphic pictures of children as they suck a D.A.'s cock
Nauseated? I feel ya
Pictures? I steal ya
Documenting that D.A. and his shithead pedophilia
He's on a stool
In a pool of drool
Pants around his ankles, and she's piercing his limp tool
The pictures now I spread
Aggie gets all red
We bring him to the basement and we shoot him in the head
Plays like a suicide hit
I clean up and split
When the gun goes off, Aggie's playing with her clit

Hey Aggie! Hey Aggie!
We throw him in the car
Front page of the Star
A convincing suicide and I'm back in the bar
Pictures in his lap
A suicide note confessed his crap
I stock for the morning me and Aggie take a nap
It's the end of the D.A
Glad he's out of the way
Aggie's checking those selfies, across the bed she sprays

Hey Aggie! Hey Aggie!

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