Are 'mice' Electric? (feat. Uncle Hans Von Trapp And The Mice-tersingers) by Ivor Biggun

Hello children, how do you do?
I've brought some friends to sing for you
Mein singing mice I've brought along
To sing ein little mousey song
So mein mouses don't be slow
Sing along und here we go

Can little mousey pull ze pud'
Yes we can it does us good
Do little mice have tiny dongs
Yes they're only one inch long
Zat's not much to wave about
It's more than you, you daft old kraut

Stick to ze script boys

Why do mouseys sing so high
'Cause we're so fucking small, that's why
Is it just 'cause you're so small
Yes we all have ... balls
Would you likе to meet mein cat
No fuck off you silly old twat

Now zen boys, you'll nevеr be as famous as Punky and Porky if you keep swearing

What do mouseys love to eat
Spotted dick and shredded wheat
In the pantry no one sees
We piss in the jam and crap on the cheese
Now zen boys that's quite enough
Oh fuck off you dozy old poof
I'm beginning to lose mein temper!

Up your arse you ... old git
We'll fill your larder up with shit
We'll fight and fart and do as we please
We'll fuck in the bread-bin and steal your cheese

Scnitzel I am a silly goose
Mein pussycat has just got loose...

Go cat go! There is your favorite food... mouseburger

Auf wiedersehn children if you please
And as for the mouseys, hard cheese

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