Bar Fight by Hamell On Trial

And the men all laugh and the women cheer and the bar will toast and it reeks of beer, through the haze of smoke with the music loud, someone missed the joke, pushed back the crowd. So you'd better move or you might get cut, Ol' Sal last week took a shiv to the gut, he got the meds and he smiles tonight, and sure enough we love our fights..

It's a bar fight, thank fucking God
It's a bar fight, ain't so fucking odd
It's a bar fight, you come to the right fucking place
It's a bar fight you might take a shiv to your fucking face

And who said what and what said who, he might end up dead and he never knew, we taste blood and it escalates, and the cowards dance is the one we hate. No turning back and we bolt the door, forge truth in booths and scream for more. The sports will play but the games ignored, and the pain of others is it's own reward. You can root for Bobby, you can bet on Jim, but if someone dies, we all win, and the cops don't come, they avoid the place, and Edith last night took a bottle to the face. Some say it was a blessing, improvement if you will, bleeding then, bleeding still, it's an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and the one who doesn't die is the only truth

It's a bar fight thank fucking God
It's a bar fight ain't so fucking odd
It's a bar fight ain't no simple tumble
It's a bar fight round here it's a psychological rumble

Make a little room or you'll taste a chair, girls fight tonight in their underwear, they're taking odds as to what's been sung, he ain't gonna rat cause we cut out his tongue. Loose lips sink ships, idle talk won't stand, round here dumb chatter can hang a man. That's of no concern cause it's Saturday night, we don't know what for but there's gonna be a fight. And we pray for tears and we pay for show, and bones will break and blood will flow, shut the window there there's a drift of snow, and the cat just froze and we told you so. And someone pukes, another goes down, it's about to start and that calls for a round. Can't stand the screams, it's the only test, she gets so excited she pisses her dress

It's a bar fight thank fucking God
It's a bar fight ain't so fucking odd
It's a bar fight you come to the right place
It's a bar fight you might take a shiv to the face

He invents a drink to celebrate, two shots of gin, 3 shots of hate, she comes from the back where she's on her knees, with a CEO who's lost his keys. Crack on her mind, cum on her lips, she watches the fight and sways her hips, Frank's on the jukebox singing 'My Way', there's a priest with a boy and he tells him to pray. And the pitbull drools when the fools collapse, he's lapping blood and eating scraps, and the ambulance arrives and we clear a path, they ask for insurance and the whole bar laughs. We wave a flag, sing a patriotic song, tomorrow's Sunday, it all seems wrong, we meet at night the events relayed, and it sure beats working at the end of the day. Reports from the doc, the fighter passed, what can you say, none of us will last. We go to the funeral and drink til we fall, we put a note in the casket, it says, 'Last call!'
It's a bar fight, to end the fucking boredom
It's a bar fight, I think he fucking floored It's
It's a bar fight, thank fucking Christ
It's a bar fight, it's paradise
Bar fight

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