Behemoth by Dez & Nobs

Elephant face
Chainsaws for tusks
We put together a tape
We straight bored as fuck
At a competitive pace
We came and tore shit up
And by the predators braids the face of the Gorgon's thrust into the heavens
The Kraken turns to rubble
Serpent in the rainbow
Slash and burn the jungle
We climbed out the primordial soup
And took the 2 x 4 to your tooth

Chew on that shit

While the hot pugh spit on beats
King Kong ain't got shit on me
Let the monkey out
Son of bezerk with the drum and a mic
Make a mother fuckers run for their life
Sam Richards bitch
Where the biscuits is
You ain't burning shit
Tampons and duct tape
Homemade tourniquets
Keep you from bleeding similar to Mary Magdalene
Doctor Who? jumped in the booth
Time traveling
The two headed humanoid freaked the artists out
Master Blaster run Bartletown
With drunk madness over drum tracks with the pair of John Carpenter they live sunglasses


We drive ? From Monroe to Oxnard
Nucking futz Wolfman's got nards
Snuffle up, the motherfucking Gus kid
Nobody fuck with us

What lies within, What lies beneath
We tail in from [?]
It be the Dezziebear [?]
And if y'all got is fear
In Dez you trust

Nobody got you Dont know got body you don't wanna [?]
Nobody got you don't know who got body [?]
Nobody got you don't know who got body You don't wanna [?]

You big dummy [?]

Turn in to the demon beast

Song writer(s): Dez

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