Blacksmith Django With All The Fingers by Rhys Langston

Blacksmith Django with all the fingers
Hammering on overtones unchained
Selling photos of the forge
To tabloids, incognito metal dinger

Summer income in noir winters
Alliterated birth certificate
Each frame illustrated
So the legend is accessible
For those less literate
Disseminating the synonyms
Democratizing the chagrin
Let all plaintiffs be plaintive
When defendants guarantee wins

And appellate got wrong syllable еmphasis
(like what?)
Esdrújula marked atop a rutabaga
Root note truancy avoiding
Kamala Harris' booty warts

Aquilinе hamsteak in a pantsuit
For glass ceilings and ladders
No chutes for a lowercase T
In veritable etymological roots

New client got me up late night
Breaking down syntax in a wooden pipe
Up a fifth floor walk up
Chalk it up to my time in Suran
House of Earthly Delights

Muckraker Jones been on the phone
Multiple personality soliloquy
Given a long distance dial tone
Burying the lede in a gossip column
Like Raskolnikov on Pawn Stars
Refusing easily offered loans
Ask/axe to the face questions in AAE
“like, can I get surveillance tapes
For the corporate offices of BET?”

(I don't know)

Slipped through the back entrance
Covered my tracks with a Brazilian butt lift
Berimbau strung around my blue collar neck
And down to the coat stitches in the trenches
(like what?)

I needed proof, a mechanism, a device, a motive
A manner of explanation self-apparent to
Even the most oblivious of brutes

But, decahedron spell cast ten points
Burden of responsibility, like
In a corner cubicle found a list of
Censored approaches to artistry
Burned the analog copy
Erased the backups
Detonated the sodium metal of my
Blood pressure readings
But the private eye blinked
So my evidence never made my own proceedings

Song writer(s): Rhys Langston

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