Blood Related by Kurtis Conner

[Verse 1]
Well I just got done on my old man's farm and I walked on into town
I saw a girl with the bleach blonde hair and her boots right on the ground
So I grabbed a couple ice cold beers from the fridge and I opened them with my feet
And let me tell you something 'bout this girl, she's the sweetest thing you'll ever meet

She's the yee to my yee
The ground to my beef
She's the girl of all my dreams
But there's just one thing about her
That I just can't believe (I can't believe)
When I look in thosе eyes
It ain't no surprise
Shе's the most southern girl I've dated
But there's only one wrong thing with this woman
We're not blood related

[Post Chorus]
[Spoken] Oh brother, what will my daddy say about this?
(We're not blood related)
(Yee yee)

[Verse 2]
My friends say I'm crazy for loving you
But I don't know what else to do (What else can I do?)
You got a lip full of dip and a heart full of love
You're sweeter than Mountain Dew (Code red)
I'd stand in a circle of fire for you and let a bull chase after me (I swear to God)
But how're we supposed to start a family if we ain't family?

She's the yee to my haw
The see to my saw
She's everything I need (You're everything I need)
Except she's not my sister
Or my cousin at the very least (Oh, come on!)
Like a worm on my daddy's fish pole
You got me hooked and my breath is baited
But there's still only one thing wrong with this girl
Still not blood related

[Post Chorus]
[Spoken] Woo!
Come on now
You make me shoot lasers out of my eyes

[Spoken] Well folks, we got to talking
And one thing led to another
And if I want this girl to be family
I guess I just gotta marry her brother

He's the skin to my buck
The wheels of my truck
He's my sweet home on the range (I'm in love with him)
And there ain't one thing about him
That I would ever change
Now honey I know it might take a while
For you to get sitiated
But I'm in love with your brother even though
We're now blood related

Song writer(s): Kurtis Conner

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