Bring On The Flood by 69 Chambers

You came with a grin and promised me
Heaven yeah a glimpse of eternity, the key
Show me your flesh and I will bake believe
Everything's not the way it used to be, believe

Come share your dirty secrets with me
Take a sip of my sweet sweet remedy, honey
Open your lips I know what you need
Loosen up I can see you’re incomplete

Bring on the flood
Show me your mind
Bring on the flood
We’ll be one of a kind

Gimme more, give me your money
And I’ll surely make you scream happily, you’ll see
Say what you want beg on your knees
Tell me how you would like me to make you bleed

[Repeat chorus 2x]

If I can take away your fears then I can bring you to
tears easily
Now give me your heart so I can tear it apart

[Repeat chorus 2x]

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