Brother Gun by Charles Manson

Yeah, yeah yeah...

You know what happens
When it happens you can see
And you know what happens
When it happens
When it happens to me

Brother [?]


I was up on the
Arizona highway with my gun
Walkin' in the
I was-uh, out on the highway with my
Pistol in my pocket, rock and roll, rockets all the
Way to the [?]

I was blinkin' again, I felt good that night
Then someone say to me with a crazy fight, and I
Blew up off till the early morning sunrise
Yeah, it was a sunrise with my pistol in my hand
(That's right, that's right)
He was my brother gun, my brother one
My soldier, my Uncle Sam (Yeah, that's right)
He was under the influence
Of a guy called General Watson, down there (Yeah, yeah, you know him, you know him well)
He is the general in the army of the righteous and the real
He was Douglas MacArthur, the mack man in the field
He was the field of honor, you know what that is, I'm sure
That your heart is pure

'Cause you're Shirley Temple (Shirley Temple)
My temple's name is Shirley
That's Squirrely to you, my friend
My temple's name is Shirley
That's-a, kinda squirrely deep within
(Hey Shirley! Shirley what?)

Shirley... Winter
Shirley Summer, Shirley Spring
Her name is Shirley, Shirley, Shirley, Shir-ley
That's the world [?]

I wished I could open up and sing for...
Just the sound
But it's in the night and it's uhh...
Crazy... make an awesome sound

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