Bruk Out by Buccaneer

Mi gal, a long time unu
Nuh get something like this
Bruk out, skin out, spread out

Bruk out Bruk out gal
Yuh body nuh crawny
One deggeh deggeh man
A get yuh horny
Yuh nuh live dutty so just gwany gwany
Jump up an grab yuh pu-
Bruk out Bruk out yuh a hear mi shawnie
Model pan a gal ina yuh criss Armani
Yuh nah live ancient like Fred an Barney
Jump up an grab yuh pu-

Gal yuh body hot like lava
Yet still a one man a pick yuh cassava
From the day yuh tek the lead nuff gal a try
Ketch yuh speed an go full up a seed like guava
Shape competition she a bring to yuh Marva
An she square like the bus weh name Encava
All a try match prettyness what is this
When har face tek di strip from offa di gaza
But woman yuh naa no time fi di the drama
A tomorrow yuh a fly go Alamaba
Nuff a yuh money yuh spend a Jewelarama
If riches coulda plant yuh woulda be di biggest farmer

Grab it up gal from yuh living in style
Yuh happy wid yuh man a him a supply di coil
Fling it up gal from yuh nah live wild
Worth more than gold yuh a diamond child
Wholepe a man waan date yuh
Just di flex alone mek the man dem a rate yuh
Anytime at all yuh go nuh weh a yeah everybody sey
So dats why certain gal hate yuh
Mukky mentality dem waan some dettol
Annoying like high volume pan heavy metal
A nuh now dem a try be somebody special
But mi gal yuh still deh a one so gallong

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