Calling The Choir by Grailknights

Rise for the knights
For the lords of land and seas
Down, on your knees
Kneel befor thy majesties
Now it's official
The troops have arrived
The Choir is calling
It's side against side
While we're preparing
The others attack
They seem so much stronger
But we have to fight back
We've seen all the signs
Too much blood has been shed
We take a position and retaliate the dead
It's brother 'ainst brother
Mind against mind
So punish the guilty and fight for mankind
Forget where you're from
Decide what to do
Fight for a cause that's challenging you
Be a backstabbin pain
In the neck of the strong
The choir is calling, the call is this song

Hail to the knights
Hail to their Battlechoir
Blades break the spell
A legend is born

The first beams of light
Mett the wide fields of green
Yet peaceful and quiet
They are not what they seem
My true-hearted friends
Beneath the meadow you lie
Brave man of Grailham
Your names shall not die


Regain what you've lost
Defeat what you feared
Reconquer the land
Stand tall at all cost


Grailknights Battlechoir?
Yes, Sire!

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