Chewing Gum by Henry Bowers

[Verse 1]
I stand out in a crowd – what can I say
I'll immediately catch your eye – call me Pai Mei
Been sayin' fuck you so much now my finger hurts
And now I'm lyin' in bed just like malingerers
Dirty mouth – never heard of cleansing
Step up and take a peak like Sherpa Tenzing
I'm a vet – not just because I'm old in this game
It's because I put these cats to sleep with no shame
I spank Teresa – greedy dumb ass mother
I said drop that habit and none/nun shall suffer
Cult leaders try to get me in submission
But with my dirty mind brain wash is insufficient
Think it leaves a bad taste? that's your intuition?
When you know my breath control is in mint condition
Skeptics – I have heard it all before so
Keep sayin' your nays/neighs until you get a hoarse/horse throat

[Hook x4]
Haters – I'll ruin ‘em – have ‘em chewin' on
Cyanide capsules like it's chewing gum

[Verse 2]
I try to make it in music – they try bury me soon
I want my name to carry weight – can't even carry a tune
But my mouth is wagin' war – all you guys are in danger
I come strapped to the teeth – sort of like a retainer
Shoot me – stab me – set me on fire with kerosene
Fuck Willis – I die hard like David Carradine
I don't take defeat well – don't expect me to surrender
For example I get angry every time I lose my temper
You think I'm down? I turn that shit around again
Give you a burnin' finish/Finnish man – Timo Kaukonen
Now you say you're on my level – I dispute you this instant
Why don't you disappear/diss a peer and be rude to an infant
Never have I seen an act suck this much before
Like a copulating wild pig – just a fuckin' bore/boar
Bowers' weak – I heard it straight from the horse's mouth
Then it's horse for main course – bring it to the slaughterhouse
[Hook x4]
Haters – I'll ruin ‘em – have ‘em chewin' on
Cyanide capsules like it's chewing gum

[Verse 3]
I'm a bum – I roll with dregs and drifters
Think all rappers are rich? well I beg to differ
Want me to recognize talent and you play me your shit
Sure I can wreck a nice talent – I can break it to bits
Fashionable rappers keep snappin' their selfies
Swing batter swing – they get bats in their belfries
And when they're gone I will not be missin' ‘em
They'll be pushin' up the same daisies I'll be pissin' on

[Scratch by DJ Lo-kut]
That's the punch-line
Winner of the battle
Henry Bowers!

[Hook x4]
Haters – I'll ruin ‘em – have ‘em chewin' on
Cyanide capsules like it's chewing gum

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