Crumbs Like Saucers by Helvetia

It's by the slum, way past the corridor
Over bridges, down from the meadow
See the wonder of a lonesome man
I know he gets up by the moon
Up the road it's a different kind
It do whatever he wants

Ain't nothing really work like that
He gets up on the sun
Much faster, than taxes, around the corner rural lasses
Built a barn along down up there
[?] somewhere down there

[?] I need a fix and
Any better if you need that shelter
Ain't nothing gonna look like that
Public enеmy told you that

You say you can regulate it
Big sis needs to resuscitatе
Keep the crumbs that look like saucers
Get yours and eff the connoisseurs

Ain't nothing ever work like that
Ain't nothing gonna work like that
Ain't nothing gonna work like that
Not like that

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