Dancing With Danger by Sam Phillips

Verse 1:
Raised with a Bible in your hand
You met your parents' strict demands
But now that sweet religious child
Is like a hurricane gone wild

And you're dancing
Dancing with danger
Lies from a stranger
Waltz inside your head
(Oh) You've got your back to
The One who really loves you
But you can't stop because you
Can't see what's ahead

Verse 2:
No liquor and no cigarettes
Are rules you're learning to forget
But it's not so much the outward part
'Cause God is looking at your heart

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
You've danced yourself out on a ledge
Your dreams are falling off the edge
God never wanted it that way
He wants to shake your fears away

Repeat Chorus (twice)

Song writer(s): Leslie Phillips
Official Sam Phillips website: samphillips.com

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