Days by 12012

Days... tommorow... end... despeir...

Inside the cellar room the angel bearing wounds is
Shaking, frightened those wrists bear chains

Inspecting the silvery white tears flowing into the
palms of my hands
I refuse and deny the false words of reality

These crying personalities exchange kisses
Tomorrow, I wonder if it will clear up? Rain followed
by cloudiness followed by rain
Soon I'll sleep, soon I'll hold you until this field of
vision closes

slow in the Merry go round

thankYou for my mom in that sea of yours
I want to sleep until this body sinks forever
thankYou for my mom If you see that I am alone
hold me once more until this body breaks

I want someone to answer me and to slip out from here
The vanishing radiance of your eyes
Outstretching those hands in the universe of
unconsciousness, now
What will you grasp?

Finally I gently whispered close to your ears

mother love until I break...

Song writer(s): 小林 武史, Hassy, 村上 正芳, Marchin, 西村 優助, Risa
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