Dear Furious by A18

Baptised in fire and brimstone
nothing but ash as I call this purity home
blown, kingdom come and back
stand among the edge to avoid the impact
shovel in your shit and drone
spit heavy-handed off another broken backbone
and clone designed for distress
I consider myself blessed
driven as I roll on by
sticking to the vision like mud in your eye
but I dont blur like vast expanse
and trip all over your false sense of perseverance
dear furious
what the mirror shines back as I reflect and counter attack
words confuse like mind rot
metaphoric onslaught will not stop
and all this is tearing you apart
in pieces now how you lie(broken)
I'll receive wings spread open wide(broken)
of weakness you are born dead(broken)
into to falling hands broken but blessed(broken)
go for the throat and cleanse
purge yourself of this
drain and sift for a cause
and a glimpse of purpose
drag your entrails through knives
reverse and sterilize
heave and gag on disgust deceive
and damn your eyes.

Song writer(s): Isaac Golub, Michael Gavin Hartsfield, Thomas RStretton Jr

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