Delicious by Ayesha Erotica

Demo version

She's not going home
She's on her phone, seeing who's out (Hello?)
She's posing out front, she's feeling cunt
She's more than proud (More than proud, yeah)

Body glitter running down her halter top
Everybody waiting for her single to drop
Look at her when they wanna see what's hot
Heels broke but her legs still looking fine
Rhinestones on her clothes, she wants to shine
Still looking for the drugs she wants to find

That girl, she's so delicious
Yeah, the girl's got style
She loves all the attention
Yeah, she's serving with a smile
They came from hell to see her
So you know she's something right
That girl, she's so delicious
Baby, come and take a bite
Final version snippet
Must head back west
Find your new sound
Don't let them take it from you

Body glitter running down her halter top

Song writer(s): Ayesha Erotica

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