Discipuli Autem Tenebris by A Wake In Providence

Disciples of darkness, your king has called upon you. Disciples of darkness, bring me back to this fallen world
I require the blood of the innocent. Only the broken will suffice. The destruction of your soul will become my embodiment
The time has come, surrender your body and soul. Evil will flood this world. Reach out your hands, only the worthy follow. Swallow your pride. There will be nothing but sorrow
Let us revel in their suffering. Minions, let's conquer this night. Rain hell on the holy, off with their heads, fill it with blight
Darkness bestows, evil knows no fame. I am here, I am king, bring me to the light
Discipuli tenebris, this is the night of the blood moon
In nomine de nostri satanus, Lucifer excelsi
Begin the blood ritual, my reign will be infinite
Morbid redemption, your blood with fuel my scythe. Morbid redemption, refuse and feel my wrath. Again and again, senseless killing, echoes of my name through these broken hallways
Your king has called upon you
Ego sum a diabolo
Come to cleanse this earth
Incipatis vocatus Rex. The blood moon is the mark of the beast
Discipuli autem tenebris
I require the blood of the innocent, only the broken will suffice
The destruction of your soul will become my embodiment

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