DJ Khaled Muff Diving (feat. Old Grape God, Pink Navel & Big Flowers) by Rhys Langston

[Big Flowers]

This that shit that keep you warm
This that fleece!

Out of every fold out of every crease
Coming fucking clean
Word to Rhys!
I don't need no grease

Just like my drive I read between the lines
Message redefined, redistribute wealth
Crumbled earth and paper
Only real alliance
Mumbled something about my earnings
And I felt realigned, stopped my stumbling
Natural heat I don't need appliance
I got half a mind to lay my chips on the table
Splash the woodgrain

Even if though thеy all cracked
Mama taught me nevеr gamble
Keep all my eggs outta one basket
Burning like Hot Cheeto by the dozen
Frito Lay down to my frame, wicker man
Chasing artisanal bags to the bitter end

I touch green and see the color of my fit
Change to match it
Stash what's little left underneath the mattress
Sleeper cells for the cash like
We walking up in Reno
Either that or on scene for Casino Royale
Word is bond, Barry

Still, I know y'all barely understand me
Double strength elastic y'all gonna have to
Rubber band me, but my airhead stretched so wide
It's hard to manage
6h no parry
Ain't only one way to terminate the plot
Nah it varies
Keep some herb mixed with my motivation
While it's cherried
Chariot carry me home
They can bury me there
When I'm pile of bones

It's gonna be a while though

[Pink Navel]

Buzz Light Year astro blasters
Traveling to Emerald City
With my headphones blackened
From the heat… lolling, cool meme
I guess discrete if you assume it's calling, me
The artistry of being weird is pretty deep
I noticed i was nervous with my pointed feet
Inward like a pizza shop
French fries when you need to stop..
Thats like some mnemonic memorization device
Used for safety
One could also say that rapping has the same inflation
But… does it ?
I achieved all this from using Magic Muffin
I resume all beat making with past concussion
A witness, i guess the sentence should've finished I
Tongue tied is a phrase frequently utilized
Three times a day at the drive through could you super size?
No? that's fine
I'll just take a number four, a number five

[Rhys Langston]

I'll take the 405 to rap
On the world's largest standing bridge
To plush generousness
Forwarding the gap in the beat
To the next artist
Outsourcing the verses
Solely speaking the ad-libs

DJ Khaled muff diver
Breathing like Enrico Caruso
Under the ribs

[Old Grape God]

I like posse cuts
And tossin' my guts on the canvas, literally
I got a brush in my hand at this goddamn moment
My name longer than your discog
I'm not a proponent of any get rich quick scheme
This diction ain't free from friction
I steep the psilocybin just bingin' on my addictions

I'm only happy when I'm makin' shit
I'm only happy when I'm makin' shit
I'm only happy when I…fuck it

Let this Safeway Chinese food soak up my depression for a minute
Free thoughts get me lit
Standin' up for myself
They thought it was a bit
Wipe the snot from ya lip
That drip ain't fly
Is that a costume or is it your disguise?
Do shake go with them fries?
I'm only happy when I make up my mind—

Sometimes I wake up blind
With angels yelling in my ear
Sometimes I go to sleep
Weeping someone else's duct puddles
Backwood drier than the other side of the pillow
Swallow them human-sized pills
And my pride at the same damn time
Grandpa tellin' me to change the color of my glass
But all that's left is red wine
I need a digestif for my digestif
Went for a walk for more blocks than
Mutumbo's career and I didn't find peace
Just street after street

Song writer(s): Rhys Langston

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