Don't Run (feat. Jahh Staxks) by Kyle Richh

[Intro: Jahh Staxks]
This is a Schiri beat
24 is the GOAT
Kyle Richh, I really love you
(Gang, gang, gang, nigga)
Gang, look, gang, look, gang

[Verse 1: Jahh Staxks]
Told bro don't run, uh
It's a PD, we 'bout to have fun
Pass it to AK, he grippin' the gun
DOA, please don't get shot in your lung, gang
I don't got time for the playin' (At all)
Duckin' these bullets, I feel like The Matrix, gang
Who he gon' flock at the station?
AK the G, so he started raisin', gang
Who he gon' flock at next?
DE on timin', he grippin' the tech
Who got shot in the neck?
Medics stay comin', they hearin' the mess
Ayo KR, why they actin' like you don't spray AR's?
Five shots, we gon' shoot like the playoff
He sleep, somethin' like a day off
Like [?] that nigga can't lay off
He snoozin', no Tommy, I feel like I'm cruisin'
I got bread, I'm not talkin' 'bout gluten
Sand rocks, he thought it was Houston, gang
[Verse 2: Kyle Richh]
Glah, baow, baow, baow
Like, like what? Like what?
'Migos the Henny she drinkin' like Sprite
Too smacked, I'm done for the night
Free all the gang that is puttin' in pain
Said I love all my niggas, I love 'em for life
Askin' me questions, she think she my wife
Told that bitch you gon' stay for the night
Bitch I'm on court and I'm shooter like what?
I got a gun, why the fuck would I fight? Like
Too smacked, I'm done for the night
I'm in Orlando like Denni' and Dwight, like
Don't fuck with Jenny and RayRay
Said I got the strap on my hip like a dyke, like
If I see a opp then I'm lettin' it rip
.40 go, glah, glah, what?
Off of the Henny, she thinkin' 'bout dick, said you a baba, what?
I got a Glock with a beam
Clickin' and clickin', I'm really a fiend, like
We spinnin' back with a couple of shots
And I'm sendin' them shots like a theme, what
Baby, I'm KR Da G
She like ''[?]''
I'm like ''What do you mean?'' Like
Mobbin', mobbin' deep, please, you need some Listerine, like
Smoke 'em, nicotine, 2-3 legs, they for the team, like
Bad bitch in the spot, Asian, Spanish, Philippine, like
Who the fuck is these opp niggas?
Ya' niggas is sixteen and under, what?
Little ass niggas, they suckin' my dick, baow
Six feet under, huh?
[Outro: Kyle Richh]
Glah, glah, glah-glah, boom
Like, like what? Like what?

Song writer(s): Jahh Staxks, Kyle Richh

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