Drain Counter by Lil' Ugly Mane

Back when I was 15 it seemed Ugly was untouchable
What, they gonna throw me in the juvy for a month or two?
Try me, I still ain't doin' nothing that you want me to
Cuttin' and disrupting every classroom discussion
Cussin' out my mom, puffin' blunts, gettin' dusted
Overwhelmed with distrust in everything that I wasn't
Things I know now, I guess I felt 'em back then
Power and control reflect fear among men
The shit that they condemn you can see amongst them
So I never ever ever want to be amongst them
See a landscape littered with the blisters of potential
People letting ghosts govern most of they mental
The opposite adults your folks hope you'd resemble
Doomed from the get like a goat in the temple
Hard to not dwell among fear
Knowing that the court treat crime so severe
But I'm blowin' smoke out the window being so cavalier
Sh-shakin' up the bottle when I open the beer
Only obligation is to prosper in my operations
Money motivations stay gaudy ostentatious
Ain't even a challenge cuz the rap game basic
I ain't heard talent since ["Incarcerated Scarfaces" Sample]
Face it, it's fact not assumption
Rap sound like shit like "ship" with the fronts in
Hate getting lumped in, giant next to munchkins
Catch me on the other side wildin' in the dungeon

Song writer(s): Lil Ugly Mane

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