Dumb Bitch by Duwap Kaine

[Intro: Tony "Scarface" Montana (1983)]
Wanna play rough? Okay
Yeah, okay, you like that?
Huh, you want more?
You hoes

[Verse: Duwap Kaine]
How you disrespect yo' father? That's a dummy move
(I'm yo' daddy)
Got that trap phone jumpin', how my junkies move (Trap)
You a lame ass nigga, who the fuck is you? (Who is this?)
Bitch, we boarded up wit' guns, we been down to shoot
Who the hell is this nigga Kaine? You don't even know that
(Know that)
I be strapped wit' them black MACs like my nigga Kodak (Kodak Black)
Since my niggas got locked up, now they think it's safe
(They think it's what?)
I ain't wit' that Twitter beef, it's .30 to yo' face (Dummy)
Run up on me wit' a pistol, light gon' flash quick (Like a camera)
If you run up in my trap, I'm on yo' ass quick (Pussy nigga)
If it's dealin' with some bricks, I make that cash quick
(Get that money)
Fucking' bitches, poppin' guns I'm on that fast shit
We got drums, wit' them pistols, and them thirty clips (Thirty)
I got the ball, I'm up next, and I ain't playing tips (Oh, no)
Pocket rocket if he slip, so nigga don't trip (Don't Trip)
And I get yo' bitch wet 'cause I'm a real hitter (How you ain't know)
All my niggas totin' guns, surrounded by them goons
(They surrounded)
Pop his ass, soul floatin' like a damn balloon (God Damn)
Yeah, I came from the slums, I'm a real nigga (Slums)
I'm a loyal ass shooter, keep it real wit' ya'
Choppa make a nigga catch fire, five bullets
Pistol whip him to the ground, that's a man down (Pistol whip)
Yeah, my eyes red from that loud pack (Loud Pack)
And my plug brought it back, wit' no call back (Pick the phone up)
I be flexin' on these niggas, it ain't nothin' major (No, it's not)
I be stackin' up cheese, stackin' up my paper (Stackin' cheese)
I smoke a lot of dope, like I'm smokin' nature (Dope)
And I smoke on backwoods, got a lot of flavors

[Chorus: Duwap Kaine]
When you see me just know that you in danger
And we tote a lot of weapons like a Power Ranger (Let's get it)
Nigga who the hell is you, you a damn stranger (Who is this?)
Tote a lot of Glocks, and they got them lasers
(It's on the spot nigga)

Song writer(s): Duwap Kaine

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