Egypt Berry by Night Beats

[Verse 1]
You whisper information
You got a hole in the storm
You got everybody's number
And wait for them to wrong
You got bad motivation
Riding on your mind

[Verse 2]
You give empty hope
To everyone you know
Your vision set a time
Useless information
Starts between your eyes
So please don't worry
You just lost your [?] business

[Verse 3
Her mind is saying something
But your mouths won't agree
It's an explanation
For every valorisation
Of things you want to be
You got bad motivation
Toying with your mind
[Verse 4]
You got somethin' to prove
With all the dodgey moves
Shooting up your vibe
You might call me Cesar
Be a Buddhist in my dream
Spoken easy, worry
You just lost your appearance

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