Emmott's Song by Bella Hardy

Roland, please forgive me dear
It breaks my heart full sore
I long to keep your company
But we shall meet no more, no more
We shall meet no more
The days are dark as night my love
And death looks for my door
The whispers tell that gabriel hounds
Have been heard upon the moor, the moor
The hounds howl on the moor
Mompesson has the church door locked
And closed eyam to it's fate
We're ordered not to leave these bounds
So now we quietly wait, we wait
The end we quietly wait
Our congregation meets outside
Beneath the heaven's high
All down at cucklet delph we pray
Where in secret met you and I, my love
In secret met you and I
My family sleeps in the yard
In flower beds side by side
I fear that when the judgement
Their souls shall be denied, denied
Their souls shall be denied
So roland, please forgive me dear
It breaks my heart full sore
To know you'll wait down at the delph
But you'll see my face no more, no more
My face you'll see no more

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