Family Tree by Sandro Perri

Though devotion is gone
It lingers on, as you can't
Break a bond so long;
And, in the meantime
You get clean
As you take your time
Tracing the bloodline
Through flesh on the vine

Under the family tree
Beyond the leaves you can't see
(and how unwillingly)
You let your seeds grow-
There they go
Leaving you to sow
Bereft are your leaves
Beset with weeds

And, in your descendancy
Define a picture of needs
That should never have been
No, they should not
Cos it was
Not created for you
To empty your blood upon-
You got your own
And i feel empty
As i see i'm not much farther
You run for cover with the island daughter;
Here in your mirror, we're getting smaller
And it's healthy
But it's killing me to bother
You run, full of the feathers of a father
A sister, brother; now me, your mother

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