Fin Cop by Bella Hardy

Down monsel dale, by the winding stream
Fin cop meets the heavens high
And in the lea of this orphan hill
A lonely man abides
Oh hulac warren to this cave outcast
For giant bone and stretch skin
He plays a tune sad as earth and stone
The fiddler fin
But by there comes a shepherds girl
Soft she sings her sheep along
And that sweet sound pierced the cold spring ground
And filled his heart with song
Behind the girl, quiet the giant crept
Tapped her tiny shoulder
But as she turned horror filled her mind
Still hulac held her
First she has fought, then she has fled
And she's flown with tear filled eyes
But she has fallen, fallen down the dell
And in the river lies
Oh curse the gods, who made me so
For this world was I so wrong?
And curse you for the death of her
Who filled my heart with song
Well the gods did hear, and they heard full sore
And they made their wrath soon shown
For in the water where hulac stood
He's turned to warren stone
The piper of shacklow
The fiddle of fin
The old woman of demon's dell
Call's them all in

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