Fire It Up (feat. Lamar Riddick) by Emye

[Verse 1 -Emye]

Now who done open and cracked up this canister?//
Hoping you could serve ya sins and n-n-not have it damage ya?//
Well you have a challenge brah//
Why not serve The One, who sent His begotten Son as a fund so He wouldn't banish ya//
Matter of fact, He's that antidote, that's got us ridin' clean//
Getting them bucks shot like an antelope, arriving on the scene//
Because our faith's ripe like a cantaloupe, come taste a slice of it//
There ain't no greater one, this man is dope, might as well as join His team//
Cuz for the Lord, we on fire//
Peelin' off like new tires//
(Carey) carried the cross - (Mariah)//
Or I'd be LOST (the show) - no Flyer (plane crashed)//
Yeah, I run this lane like I'm suppose to//
My God you ain't hangin up, He's off the wall like them old posters//
To my soldiers, don't fold up, keep pressing I salute y'all//
The rest of them are full of it, cuz they stay fakin' like boob-jobs//
Mouthin off cuz they too proud//
Talkin bout like “Who's God?”//
Since pride comes before the fall, they gon' drop like I did Put In Tune (old clique when doing secular music) squad [Yah?] //
Got a new start, now living for the TRUE GOD [Yah] //
Lion of Judah, serving the king like Mufasa//
Cuz He's too great... Always on point - Touche
Not caring what these fools say...
They'll soon meet him on doomsday//
So eat your heart out//
Keep on living how you wanna live, smoke weed and ball out//
But as soon as that day comes, He's gon weed'em all out//
And those who claim that they knew Him, He's gon' keep'em all out//
But it ain't gotta be that way, put your trust and ya faith//
In the God who died and raised, all your sins have been paid//
Yeah, that's why I do what I does//
A firefly coming through with that buzz//
That good news, yeah...
Fire it Up , Fire It up//
Get ya shine on, homie fire it up//
In this dark world the only light is us//
So fire it up, fire it up//
Light it up, Light it up//
Get ya shine on, put them lighters up//
In this cold world, the only fire is us//
So fire it up, Fire it up//

[Verse 2 (Riddick]

We got them two bangers, the Word and that Holy Ghost//
We gonna fire it up, you might wanna hold your nose//
Matta of fact I'ma take that back//
Everybody tryna get them stacks, everybody tryna just relax//
Ain't nobody worried about when the sky's gon ‘crack when He's coming back//
Even though He gave His life for free someday we gon' pay that tax//
We keep that candle blunted watch out for that candle wax//
We ridin' around - we gettin it, that real life - I'm spittin it//
I chose the Way, the Way chose me, ain't no way that I'm switchin it//
They say I'm wildin' “Yo Riddick on that Jesus juice!” //
I'm sippin real slow, cuz I'm bout to come up out my shoes//
Let that light shine Matthew 5 and that 16// (Matt. 5:16)
The blind leading the blind, it's a crime if it's not seen//
We gotta represent for Elohim, we gotta represent for El' Shaddai//
We gotta bring the lost to the whole team//
Get'em to the King before they die//
Yo pass the world like a hockey-puck//
We're going deep - Andrew Luck //
Get them dudes a head's up, cuz we about to fire it up//

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