Get It On by Blackfoot

GET IT ON (R.Medlocke/Spires/Hensley)

When they left me out
Said they'd give me back my brain
Said you'll be alright
But you'll never be quite the same
The human mind is sophisticated
I think the treatment was
Completely over-rated
I'm mad but I'd do it all again

You're runnin' round
You don't know what to do
Better leave your monkey
Sittin' at the zoo
Your dad don't like it
But your mama do
I've got something that is good for you

Why don't we get it on
Get it on and rock, get it on
Get it on tonight and rock

Man machine, take they keys
And start it up
Get it on, sit on it
I'm looking for a loving cup
Six foot three or five foot two
Been so long, anything will do, I'm hot
Let's don't waste a single drop
I don't know if I can take it
It's just a case of eccentricity
Doesn't look that serious to me
All these doctors and pretty nurses
It's such a shame
His mama used to be so proud
Then turned his stereo up far too loud

There's a red light in my mirror
I know it's almost over
Now, little men in white coats
Are gonna take me back somewhere
I've enjoyed this little bit of freedom
Don't kill the maniacs
One day you'll need 'em, I'm mad
They're gonna take me back again

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