Gettin' Ugly by Stevie Stone

[Verse 1]
Shining like four gorillas
[?] sinners, Stone going in, attend me rhythm now
[?] protégé, prospect of a cold nine milla, check the internet
They say I'm wyling, wyling
Madlibs, get to growling, growling
Said I grinded it the whole damn way, got him at wayne
No bitch you can't deny him
I'm heated, I'm oscillated
Of liquor, imitated and weeded
I came in the game with a freight train demeanor
Showing all the lames that my plane the least
Google it and read it
Them clutch free throws
I hear it or something, got me you niggas green dough
You cross the line, I catch you riding between those
This Stevie Stone, don't fuck with me or my team though
Tell 'em what I'm on nigga

Started this way back
See the momentum? Where's my motherfucking name at?
Bitch I want payback
I learned a 100 different ways that I could gain that, getting that
Getting ugly, getting ugly, ugly
Getting ugly, getting ugly, hey
Stevie don't play that
I got brains and business tryna get that payback
Getting it

[Verse 2]
Sit alone in a dark room
I grab the mic and I talk to it
You can see the spark
And me manipulating words, all these words
Gotta convert em, pause
Let the beat talk
Start gripping the flame and it's god-gifted
[?] looked at my dream, and it's all scripted
Chains lifted, I'm running round and I'm drifting
In every town, get addicted, and I'm forward bound, get lifted
Debated, I figured that you would be happy one of us niggas made it
Instead you be sucking on Jellysickles, frustrated
You find [?] with Ruthless, I'm reincarnated
Stars on the rating
Ha, you see I been a vet
Travel around the world rapping, I been a threat
Ah, you never benefit
I'm so compounded but nigga better check my intellect
Tell 'em what I'm on nigga


Song writer(s): TeeJayDaGreat,Stevie Stone
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