Gotta Give It Up by Caron Wheeler

Well I finally found you out for who you are
When you held my heart to ransom
You've a lot to answer for
Well you promised me the sky dear
The price was way too high dear
I'm hooked on what I thought would last forever

I gotta give it up
But I can't
I gotta let go
But I want you more
I can't get enough
It seems I got burned by the fire
I'm a victim of desire
The hardest thing to do is say goodbye

Well I must admit
We had fun while it lasted
You exposed me to a side of life
I had never known
I got cuaght up in the rapture
No thought about the future
The ghost of your love follows me
I've got to get away

I got to keep running
Soon I must be free
I see a new horizon
Somewhere there for me (Yeah)
Got to find a way out
Way out of your web
Caught me like a spider
Got to clear my head


I can't stop running
Soon I must be free...


Song writer(s): Caron Wheeler, Derek Johnson, Mikie Bennett

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