Hardbeat by Jamie Lenman

Soft sounds on the tip of my tongue
We communicate one on one
Get your ear pressed to the left of my chest and
Listen to my hardbeat, bump-a-bump-bump

Small speakers inside your head
About as intimate as it can get
I'm privileged to be in this position and
We haven't really got thumping yet

I bubble up through your vein
Send sparks all around your brain
This rhythm is physical, digital
Something you just can't explain

You're plugging into my core
That's what you press play for
Most records is notes and quotes and
I'm giving you so much more

Bang of the drum is my hardbeat

I want to make connections in
Far whereabouts I have not been
Stop into a town and take a look around and
Call folks I've never met my kin
Ten tracks into this LP
You start to feel you might know me
I tell truth in this microphone booth and
That's how I wanted it to be

Bang of the drum is my hardbeat

Even if the message is for everyone
It's also just for you alone
We're separate times and places, worlds apart
But when you hear this song
That's where we come together

Bang of the drum is my hardbeat

Surrender to my control
I sing direct to your soul
Become a piece of your whole and stay forever

You feel the bang of the drum
From where my energy come
I will deliver you some!

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