Hdc by M1llionz


Burstin' all of these hand-to-hands
Cah my worker's gone off the rails (Hands on)
Told bro 'go shut the window'
Cah the breeze blowin' the food off the scales (Hurry up man)
Normally I do it by eyelids
But the cats wan' complain 'bout sizes (Always moanin')
And my driver's moanin' too
Cah he got a black box and we're over the mileage (Hmm)
I don't know why recently
Bare man are gettin' on to the black tings (Huh?)
Cah in the commercial dances
They're only ones tryna bring man's waps in (True)
Lighties are good for the O trips
They help man blend when man's O trappin' (Basically)
Told my solider 'you're here for the future'
You can't go home 'til permission gets granted (What's he talkin' 'bout?)
When you hand in your resignation (Huh?)
It's still four weeks notice
Can't just go home and this ain't no placement (Where you goin'?)
I put both phones on silent
Can still hear noise comin' from the vibration (Ahh)
K-M-T, this is ravin'
Now I'm gettin' bare funny looks in probation (Ahh)
I pour the syrup in the Mountain Dew
Now that's a real G leanin' (Swervin')
Just done a swap with the scousers
Had to tell ar-kid 'make sure you clean it'
He said a lever's stuck on the broom
He's tryna clean up but can't do no sweepin' (It's cool man)
Told him grab some WD-40
Don't panic, it might need a greasin' (Just grease it)
From the G-po I was breezin' (Whoosh)
See my nigga trip, I was pissed, had to leave him (Ahh)
Yeah, the key made for this ST ting
Cah this shit fob can't go on no keyring (Lose it)
This leng one wants sexual healin'
But said she's only free in the evenin' (Huh?)
She don't know I'm on HDC
'Excuse me miss, let's make an agreement'
(Time and place)
I need a excuse for these tag people
When they phone and ask why I'm late (Ahh)
Press the blue button on the box
Like, sorry EMS, it must be a mistake
Never been out for steak
That's why that ting links you for the dates
But fuck what's on her plate
I still get that drunk phone call when it's late
I let my phone bling on deals for a month
And it's only scores and half of sixes (Brr)
Landlord clocked the plate in the flat
And said, "lads, you're gettin' evicted"
I tried play duress at my second strike
The judge said, "mate, stop playin' the victim" (Hahaha)
Then I ended up on the wing
Playin' ping pong with this chink yute called Ling Ling (Woi-yoi)
One night, two separate functions
How have they both ended up in passa?
The mandem screamin' out lagga (Lagga, lagga)
Like suttin' never got poked up or ralla
'016, I got stopped by the Beamers
I should've done a dash when they found man's stabber (Mm)
But they didn't give a toss
I think what they really want was a hammer (Bow)
Lost the food and you ain't got raided
That's a substantial wage reduction
Told the island ting 'bring a bottle'
She don't even know what she bringin' through customs (Haha)
If you tell the boydem 'personal use'
That's gonna be a gross misuse of the substance (Long)
But I can't lie, anything's better than summer time induction
I just checked Google
They said this year twenty notes gone plastic (That's why)
When I reload, I give them to the plug
And keep the tens for the stackin'
Even though it takes up space
Pays twice as much every bill that's folded (Folded)
Remember my shoes had holes in
Now I make money when cats gon' smoke tings
I sent a text sayin' 'lock arff at eight'
So why's it 2AM and bitty's still phonin'? (Huh?)
Who's my man? I don't know him
Flick button get clicked same time I approach him (Whoosh)
HMP, I was roastin'
My gyal on her mash just rubbin' and moanin'
My next door bangin' the wall
Pretend to be a sleep but really I'm zonin' (Pissin' me off)
Told my girl 'one minute'
I can hear the night boss creepin' around
I'm tryna have a convo
Everyone's at the door beatin' it down (Boom, boom)
All gassed over Love Island
Megan's a slag and she's sleepin' around
So I just turn on my set
Put it on full blast, now I can't hear a sound (Woi-yoi)


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