Healing Ritual by Whatever, Dad

Healing process begins with a shower
Bike to the museum so I can sit somewhere
Actually quiet
The woods are too close to the roads
And that place is too tender
For now anyway

How peculiar
For I'm almost certain that our conversation Results came out net positive

Yet my body's reaction feels the opposite
Synthesis, has something gone amiss?

Reach out a hand
To touch the nettles as an entire refrain
Until it turns out
The leaves are rather weak
It seems as if it's easier to seek feeling Iimmediate hurt

Look for the house by the church

I try to move forward, and start to revert
Into myself
The sound in the room overwhelms
And it swells
How it hurts
I house my own noise in the style of a shell
Is it worse
To share in the same space in this way of
Sudden reverse?

And yet, and yet, and yet
The face becomes ugly and wet

It takes me a while to know what to get
Especially when this menu has excellent images, images, images
Images, images, images
To distract me from
Satiating what I came here for

Walk me to my steps instead of the door
Maybe it's not beneficial to draw parallels
But repeating the ritual helps
To a certain extent

Song writer(s): WHATEVER, DAD

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