Holy Smokes! by Henry Bowers

[Verse 1]
It's all bullshit – she said with a smile
As she tore another page and set it on fire
It only took a couple of chapters of this garbage
For me to see flashes of red carnage
Goody-two-shoes with his positive attitude
Sniffing his own farts and vomiting platitudes
Pretty paragon with astonishing attributes
Stirring up anger of mind boggling magnitude
Just where does he get off claiming to get
What it's like being me – she said shaking her head
Never have I read anything half as phony as
This sanctimonious crap – damn near odious
Page after page he goes on
About the power of positive thought but for so long
Shit has been shoveled in my face so get that
When some douchebag tells me to embrace my setbacks
I almost get the feeling it was meant to provoke
She continued in contempt staring into the smoke
I'm sure within those pages there was something to learn
But I feel I get more out of it watching them burn
I'm searching – she said now looking at me
But I'm fairly confident it's not a book that I need
And it doesn't really matter if it's written by a sage
She concluded quite calmly and lit another page
Now put your lighters up
Put ‘em up now – holy smokes

[Verse 2]
Some people write these books to get rid of their demons
Others don't write but feel bliss when they read ‘em
Then there are those who get sick to their stomachs
By the writers and the readers – when it reaches its summit
And it turns into rage too huge to neglect
Then burning a page can have a soothing effect
Myself – I observe and take notes and quotes
Like the old saying goes – whatever floats your boat

Song writer(s): Henry Bowers
Official Henry Bowers website: www.henrybowers.tk

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