Homesong by Big Big Train

Sunlight through the trees
Clouds muster in the distance
An outline of a dream
Marked out on the chalkhills

Bluebells in the woods
Butterflies and hedgerows
Flowers colouring the green
Willows dipping in the water

The riverbank is firm beneath your feet
The ground is strong, the water running deep

Tea and history
Kites above the castle
The running hare at speed
On the open field
Out there on the hills
The sound of distant church bells
Carried with the breeze
A song to call you home

Voyages are ended
Journeys done
Comes over one
The need to get back home
The riverbank is firm beneath your feet
Follow it upstream to where the headwaters flow

We are home now
We have found a way back home

Song writer(s): Greg Spawton
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