I Know You Miss Me Bitch! by Bass Santana

Alright listen up fuckers
So I just wrote this new poem last night right (I wrote this new poem)
And the name of the poem is I know you miss me bitch by Bass Santana, you ready?
To bass be the glory

(Verse 1)
Aye aye aye aye
Its lit, my bitch came through legit (Lorena aye)
I hit, more than just you a lick (Phyllis aye)
Don't slip, keep that fire in the whip (Kelly aye)
I'm sick, I'll make a movie a flick (that loud aye)
No son, you can not hit my blunt (Lorena bitch)
No fronts, designer weed its runts (Phyllis aye)
Road run, my opps too pussy no fun (bass hey)
Stay from out of my way bitch you know something (that loud)
Ha ha ha ha don't miss, you shoot your shot don't miss (miss)
My dick, her lips don't touch my lips
Bitch I love all my hoes, ill kill for all my bros
Flip flop they show they toes, get in bitch close the door
I paid for all of the Ubers that pussy was never free (yeah)
I paid for all of the drugs but that pussy level me (yeah)
Wish you was litty without me but that shit could never be (yeah)
That's why you still tweeting about me you miss this patron d
(shut the fuck up bitch, fuck wrong with you?)

Big dog (aye)
Big dog (bui)
Big dog (aye)
Big dog (big Gucci Bass aye)
Big dog (aye)
Big dog (bui)
Big dog (aye)
Big dog (big Gucci Bass aye)

(Verse 2)
Big Gucci Bass got lil hoe missing this dick (this dick)
I know when she fucking on the opps it don't hit!
I was popping bottles 12 o clock in the V.I.P
I'll replace a thot with the next one on the list
I pray I never get indicted, you want the shit you gotta buy it
I'm skrrtn off on these bitches, I had to go and fix the tires
You scared to die you not living, I'm not afraid of hell's fire
Your luck about to run out bitch don't pass me the white lighter.(okay)
Switched up on me I was broken hearted without shit to lose but I'm still dope regardless
Lips all on me cuz the glo done started I done won a couple call me lil Lombardi
Get to know me when you see me fuck the shit they typing, fuck the shit you heard about me
I never been a fan of instigating or the gossip please don't try to word of mouth me
Its getting different how we living now
I put my dick inside she bring her feelings out
She even bought you up, she bought your business out
She bring you up again I'll have to kick her out
I got them blue hundreds in bring the strippers out
Her pussy wet as fuck I bought the flippers out
I'm climbing out of it I got her dripping wouldn't let me hit before but look I'm hitting now

(Hook) 2x
Big dog (aye)
Big dog (bui)
Big dog (aye)
Big dog (big Gucci Bass aye)
Big dog (aye)
Big dog (bui)
Big dog (aye)
Big dog (big Gucci Bass aye)

(shut the fuck up bitch, fuck wrong with you?)

Song writer(s): Bass Santana

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