In The Suburbs Of Babylon by Rhys Langston


In the suburbs of Babylon
Entertainment denouement
Journalistic integrity lost in ancient Chaldea
On the shores of the Levant
Bemoaning the trap as foreign arms
Selling borderlines and aid as mephitic carte blanche

Inches, yards, false starts
Colonial rules and parochial hearts of palm
Dates crestfallen and cottage cheese
Aged in interethnic conflict rewound and paused
Shuffling interleaved arrows;
Mutually exclusive discontent irrigatеd
To streams of bone marrow

Imperialist Will Smith crying on a projеction
That our slogans lack the precious mettle
Celebrity conductors please stop your coal exhaust
Rappers please clarify your statements
And languish any opportunity cost;

What is it, what it ain't
Corrugate dependent clauses
Send Thomas Jefferson's ectoplasm
Through an infernal noise gate

(and among other things I have to just ask)

Please decolonize your VSTs
Set trip on the hegemony
Print wavs to pamphlets at Senate proceedings
Before them disrespectful elders
Distribute the hearing aids
Upturn your lip and bare your teeth
[Chorus] x2

In the suburbs of Babylon

Song writer(s): Rhys Langston

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