Jeremy by Minty

His name is Jeremy
Who came into my dream
(Jeremy, who came into my dream)

Stop now
Stand still
Close your eyes

Dry cage, little bird
Needs more water
(Needs some water)

At nationwide, at worldwide
Connect on the telephone, with you
(Connect on the telephone, with you)

I'm inspired
I'm lost and tired
My brain is burning
My brain a grandi

My flesh is melted
My flesh a grandi
Be ready
Be ready to accept
(Be ready to accept)

And never as long as you live
Never remember the pain
Beep beep
(Never remember the pain — wow)

To think

(Get ready)
(Get ready to accept)

I'm inspired
I'm lost and tired
My brain (my brain) is burning (is burning)
My brain (hot) a grandi (and melting)
My hands (my brain) are burning (is burning)
My hands a grandi (a grandi)
My flesh is melting
My flesh a grandi ([?])

Look what you've done
How can you act so wrong?
Wrong, along all long
So wrong
I'm inspired

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