Jesus Pieces by Emye

[Verse 1]
There ain't a thing you can do to stop me//
Taking swings trying to Dropbox me//
I'll knock you out into them clouds you can call me Rocky//
Tryna get them demons in my house -- calling me Papi?//
Baby girl, no I ain't the one//
I'm married to the Father, Holy-Spirit, and the Son//
Though me and my wife, we've been separated//
Relationship status -- Complicated//
Ever since, I've been Facing Satan//
So I Waka Flocka Flame throw em//
Waka Flocka Flame - throw em//
Aim a devil at the head, blocka-blocka, game over//
Waka Flocka Flame throw em, Waka Flocka Flame - throw em//
Then I hit the studio, make another classic -- Beethoven//
I out level any devil, I won't settle like a rebel//
Cause I'm strapped in the mighty name of Jehovah//
We ain't talking ‘cause this ain't Oprah//
Man I'll bust a dang cobra//
Crushing his head, leaving his brains open//
Moltaving their homes//
Into a warzone like a Attack of the Clones//
‘Cause I'm a Gladiator, like we're back up in Rome//
And keep a win-streak like Rocky Balboa//
Then I put on my Jesus Pieces, stunt in my Adidas//
Catch a case - I beat it - Yeah, I've been Acquitted//
I ain't gon let you screw me up so you can chop me//
I keep it sizzlin' -- Hibachi//
[Hook 2x]
We rockin' Jesus Pieces, stunt in them Adidas//
Catch a case, we beat it -- Yeah, we've been Acquitted//
I said We rockin' Jesus Pieces, stunt in them Adidas//
Catch a case, we beat it -- *Whoo!* -- onomatopoeia//

[Verse 2]
When we say “We've been Acquitted”//
We're talking about the grace that's been submitted//
On our behalf ‘cause Christ died and paid for our sins//
When He bore it on like a fitted//
So when the enemy tryna make you look guilty//
Push it back to his face say “Yes, I did but...//
It's Christ who put on my lusting//
It's Christ who took my shame”//
And it's Christ who took it on His flesh every time you failed at Facing Satan//
Every time you fell, He picked and brushed you off -- no longer Tainted//
So when the adversary's tryna take your life with no parole//
Jesus whip-it, whip-it, whip-it good -- He beat the case//
That's why I'm free - love the way that I'm living//
He saved my life, got rid of my sentence//
He gave me a new beginning - no more bending to my sin//
And I'm winning ‘till the ending ‘cause the Son of Man has risen//
If you're gonna feel offended by the fact I've been defended//
‘Cause He suffered for my wrongs as if He did it//
Just know you've been forgiven ‘cause you also benefited//
From your sins being omitted//
Now your soul ain't afflicted-no more//
As long as you admitted He's your savior and you mean it//
Repent and handle His business//
Dedicate to be committed to the church and never quit it//
Pay attention to the vision ‘till you finish like the Finland language//
And cross into the sky//
Manage to hold your cross high//
That's it! You're gonna get by//
Bless Him! -- *Atchu* -- ...Gesundheit//
[Hook 2x]

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