Kiss Of The Starving Class by John Wilkes Kissing Booth

Let the lightning come and the august fall
In the broken down bathroom stall
We made love like amatuers

The thrift store bed still cracks and creeks
Androids dream of electric sheep
I dream you're here

But it's just air

Carl Jung whaddya make of this
My plots take suspicious twists
Non fiction becomes fiction

Blah blah blah we make believe
The things we love will never
Black addiction to fiction

Lightning comes-august falls
Broken down stories that our eyes would write
We had 45 good nights

Yes i failed
I failed you well
Im still sojourning back from hell
At least i tried
We had 45 good nights
The man that fell
The man that crashed in your
Will crawl with pride

We had 45 good nights

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