Left, Right by Kyle Bent

[Verse 1]
So many Ls just to bounce back to the top
I promise to myself this ain't gon stop
Watchin' everybody countin' up they blessings
Happy for em', gotta make my own pop
I understand that this life is what you make it
I been leavin' myself open I been naked
Learning that we only close off when we faking
Or there's something bout ourselves we ain't embracing
Every moment I been learning never stagnant
Gotta get the bag
I been going crazy
In everybody's faces
Think it's time to create space
Always been an astronaut, go ask em where they made me
I'm into spreading higher thoughts, no taking cockamamie
Put out my own energy, cause if I don't, I'm draining
Won't wait on you, I'm fading
Can't wait on you, I'm
Won't wait on you, cause I'm the only person in my matrix
They say they got the answers for me
Can't hear what you saying
How you gon guide my own story
Been through the battles, it get gory
In my own lane like I'm Tory
Can't take this life for granted, it's all for me
Gotta move smarter
Gotta use my heart up
Make sure they know my name like I'm Vince Carter
Ain't none of this was in vain, put that on my mama
And if I'm lyin' on my grave, pray I catch the karma
Transcended to the heavens, they don't know me
May the Lord bless whoever called me homie
Everyday a learning lesson, only growing
If you say you got love for me well then show me
You can only love a soul that you know
And most of you don't know yourself
Most of you still focused on that gold, that wealth
You don't know that be your home, bih you're glowing yourself
100 million on my dome still a low ball
Max myself out with diamond stones, I don't know y'all
Everyone wonder what's real, rather show y'all
No dress up, no house, no role call
Before I leave this earth, Imma give it my all
This ain't for the trophies, the plaques on the wall
This for every kid with dreams to reach the stars
Cause that be me now, as they say, the world is ours

When I die they'll say I left right
Left right
Heaven on earth

When I die they'll say I left right
Left right
Made my own heaven on earth

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