Letting Go by Sam Brown

You came down to see me
In your long white dress that angels wear
I could see you and could feel you
I know you were there
And I was driving a big car
On my own in the dark
And we were together
But it didn't last

But you were real in the dream
I know you were there
To tell me you were alright
You were real in the dream
It's hard you know
This letting go
It was all in a dream

I knew you were leaving
You went into yourself
And we all knew a sorrow
Like we'd never felt
And there was pushing and shoving
As we tried to hold on
But you slipped through our fingers
And then you were gone

(Repeat Chorus)

And what you left behind
Has deep roots in my heart and my mind
The voice of love and life
In my heart and in my mind

(Repeat Chorus)

Song writer(s): Samantha Brown

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