Momma by Lydia

I can hear your headphones blaring
Said you get so happy it's scary
And I don't even want to move yet...
The moon started filling up
It blurs when it hit the dust

What it really felt like
To watch a little bit die
Ain't that something momma?

That's what I got up to for some years
When the roads were the rivers here
And they're splashing at my heels now...
The cracks inside the window freeze
The house that we could stay that week
You know just what you are to me
And the moon here laying at my feet

Shouldn't bе so hard to call my dad lately
Shouldn't be I've got that timе to waste it
Should I blame it on the days I've been drinking
Eyes like I couldn't see yet
Rings you keep on that tray with
That can that I throw my coins in
I'm never where you are
It's aching at my heart like it's never been

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