Mona Lisa Overdrive by Lil' Ugly Mane

Yeah, you know we had to do something for the ladies
You heard me, for the ladies
We are going to it right quick though
Before I get right back to my business

[Verse 1]
Let me transmit this dick in your pleasure receptor
You can bask in my eroticisms and natural nectors
No pressure, I can tell you feeling sexy from your bodily gestures
And my affections growing strong for your bodily textures
Caress ya, 700 thread count no polyester
I like to keep it cushy in the rooms where I'm sequestered
I been waiting forever for your tender surrender
I want to make this a night you remember
So let me lay you down girl, the facts about me
I'm a OG mac, the game is wack without me
Let me take you on a trip girl, far from your home
To a far away land I call erogenous zones
I'mma taste your whole body, I ain't stopping at dome
I got skills to pay the bills, I'm experienced and grown
Bitch you heating up, like a bagel in the microwave
I'mma hit them angles, have your pussy like a tidal wave

[Hook x2]
Mona Lisa overdrive, booty super wide
Ravishing, voluptuous, a player magnetized
Mona Lisa over drive, heaven synthesized
The way you bust it, shorty, got me feeling crucified
[Verse 2]
Cutey tip got me tripping, and you should know that I'm selective
You got me all erected cause that outfit so suggestive
I'mma wear this contraceptive, cause I gotta be protected
I don't trust my predecessors
And I'm less possessed to subject my stress through a lecture during the first trimester
So get the magnum off the dresser, let me undress you
I got Don Blackman on the hifi, about to stretch your thighs wide
Eating cantaloupe, with sexing by the fireside
I can see the future, it's reflected in your eyes mine
She like say my name, bitch that's my line
I'mma get the gut, get my nut
All up on your tits and butt
Then we just relax and drinking belvy out this dixie cup
Massaging my back, like a cat making biscuits
Shorty girl, I swear that you the business

[Hook x2]

Song writer(s): Lil Ugly Mane

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