More Than Rap (feat. Skrapz) by Potter Payper

[Verse 1: Potter Payper]
I'm rolling with six in a four
Cutting through the eleventh
I'm from the home of the hammers
City of the gunners
Can't tell me ‘bout runners
Don't run shit, I run lines they run errands
Bando tenants
Sippin on Tennants
Kill man for pittance
Only if you let them like
Remember that time we had to run through hell
[?] tryna shave man's melon, shit
I witnessed boys turn men in my section
Hill town, BK, Custom House, Beckton
And we can never snitch nah that's out of the question
Real back in stylе, back like I never lеft them
Kittys still call me I ain't even gotta text them
My youngers still ride like it's Epsom
Down if you mention
Any type of tension
Oh we dem boys with them fifty pound pendants
And fifty round drums every time we go [?]
Real life members
Kill me if I ain't got Muni through his sentence
On some real G remembrance
I told the same story twice
Black tracky and this grey .45
I'm still trappy in the same 95s
It's not just rap g don't be playing with your life
Cah if you know then you know already
I lost friendship with so many
So that dream got sold already
Straight drop on an instrumental
And now I rap, shit I'm influential
Real life though these kids are mental
He had a bag for his pens and pencils
Now there's just one big machete
We all live it just at different levels
Same hell just different devils
I'm just praying that they don't forget me
I'm just praying that they don't forget me
[Verse 2: Skrapz]
Staring at the mirror looking at the nigga standing right in front of me
I be the nigga that they wanna be
I'm getting so much money that I'll probably put a hole in the economy
I give a fuck about authority
I'm blowing on this cali weed
I'm in the bimmer doing seventy
My cup's full of Hennessy and some type of energy drink
At a movie premier looking like I own shares in the mix tryna fuck some celebrity chick
I got dirt on my hands that I can't even rinse
Niggas tryna act hard, who they tryna convince?
Ringside seats at the fight
Only difference is when I get home [?]
Got a quarter of a brick in the sink
Before I wrap it into cling it disappears just before I can blink
Got certified killers on standby
They're ready when I'm ready
All I gotta do is give them the wink
Switch SIMs when I order them things
Got a line that moves 62 grams every time that it rings
Push keys in and out of the gym
I try not to leave prints on the wrappers that I put in the bin
Cah I can't afford to sit on the wing
No time to waste time that's the kind of situation I'm in
Number one is the position I'm at
And even though I live a penthouse lifestyle I'm still in the flats
Antisocial but I'm still into rap
Told producers don't give me trap beats cah I'm still into rap
But the streets keep pullin me back
Sounds stupid when I say it But I know it's just a matter of fact
The road says they want new Skrapz
They want that old thing back, they don't like new raps
I'm on some thug life shit, living like 2Pac
Me and Potter on the track spitting like two macs

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