Multiplicity by Rhyme Asylum

Yo, Yo
Even when asthma attacks and cancer trapped in my chest
I ran the length of Africa without catching my breath
Got Santa’s head attached to my sled
My sperm don’t make new lives, it brings old ones back
from the dead
Test your knees reflex with sledgehammers instead
Race a wolf pack with slabs of meat strapped to my legs
Guillotine shatter on the impact of my neck
In swamps I swam and drag an alligator to fathomless
Won’t just damage your set, I eject Harrier jets
Crash them into the rapper that has to battle me next
I’m a manic depressed
A mad hatter that gradually lost sanity from not
cashing reality checks
Get smacked for your lack of respect
Strap Maximus to the back of a chariot, have him
dragged to his death
Gather to maximum strength, hazard are guessed it
These patterns are blessed; Psiklone, Plazma, Possessed

Chorus x2
All you rappers playing catch-up best lace your boots
Change the game is what we came to do (right!)
Raise the roof till the Sun stop burning
And the world stop turning (Cause we in it for life!)

Laser encrypted information to erase my existence
Dates back to Arabian princes and ancient Egyptians
I lip-lock these horse pipes inhaling their missions
I ghost ride/write motorbikes missing the breaks and
the pistons
Immortal gods are facing extinction
Brain ’s an intricate webbing of interconnecting cables
and systems
Magicians sawing straight through assistants
I’m chained in flaming straight jackets, but escape in
an instant
Sat shining the day of decrepit
Degrading your vision, blinding the nation,
And killing half of the population of Britain
Training with ninjas in sacred traditions,
Racing naked distance, saving Geishas on dangerous
Force the angel Gabriel to change his religion
From the most faithful of Christians to the pagan
Mentally I’m stable condition, crashing verses is a
plane is lifted and survive the fatal collision

Chorus x2

Yo, it’s the end of your days when I step in the place
Cause I’ll sever your veins with pestilence smeared
onto the edge of my blade
These men are insane, venting our range in menacing
I’ll beheaded your dame and then kept the head for
The super villain undressed in a cape committing brutal
Trapping you with new syringes infected with AIDS
Terrorize heaven’s plains, charge the gates
And on the behalf of Satan and cause God himself to
question his faith
Remember my face, I killed your family members
And if you come back for vengeance, then I kill every
friend that you’ve made
You’ll get fed the remains of a corpse infected with
Force fed raw flesh then and several segments of brain
A defilest saint
Mention my name and get sent to your grave
Infested and plagued with the worlds most deadliest
Walk the earth, it trembles and quakes
Plazma roll seven wrote “fuck you”
And on that note I’m wresting my case

Chorus x2

“Who the fuck passed you the mic?”
“Mind full of sick thoughts”
“I did things beyond your flows, eons ago” – Canibus
“Play time, till multiplicity shine”
“Who the fuck passed you the mic?”
“Mind full of sick thoughts”
“I did things beyond your flows, eons ago” – Canibus
“Is that something you prepared or did you just rhyme
that many times in a row by accident?” – Adam Sandler
from “Eight Crazy Nights”

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