My Shit by Big30

(Run it back, Playboi)
Blrrrd, blrrrd
Blrrrd, blrrrd
(KJ, let the beat knock)
Big Blrrrd

[Verse 1]
Ayy, two hundred Percocets a week, I pray to God that this shit stop (This shit sad)
They killed my cousin, it's forever beef, ain't no way we can stop it (We on they ass)
Got seven cars, ain't never uploaded one, I really can pop it (Seven, on God)
Bad bitch with me, ain't committed, we just rocking how we rocking (She bad)
It ain't no stopping
Lil' boy, that's my shit (My shit)
Hundred racks on me right now, thirty shots in this fire stick (Right now)
Catch me in your hood throwin' up my set like, "Bitch, this my shit" (Crip)
And I can go anywhere long as I got Percs and my switch (That blrrrd)
You know that sound come from that automatics (Blrrrd)
I got members that love to catch bodies like they body magnets (Murder, murder, murder, murder)
Bitch, I'm Nuskie living, long live Mr. Pull Up, Let You Have It
And we love to spin blocks and let off shots, you know we love that static (That static)
Bitch, I'm a murder addict (Murder, murder, murder, murder)
I'm addicted to this killing shit
We really bleeding in these streets, my niggas known for spilling shit (On God)
I catch that boy and I don't overkill him, BIG30 a bitch (A bitch)
A nigga know I ain't no ho, on sight, he gettin' shot in his shit (His shit)
I stamp that (On God)
If she a ho and she from Memphis, look like somethin' I clapped that
I'm trained to go, I get off first, I hardly ever clap back
Say, watch that car a thousand times a day, I'm really on that
We turn fitted to snapback (On God)
Put a hole in your onion (Blrrrd)
And I'm so up, can get a family killed with all this money (Blrrrd, blrrrd)
That chopper put him in the sky, sent that boy bungee jumping (Jumping)
I ain't even kill him, but you dissed him, boy, you know we coming (We coming)
Boy, don't upset your mommy (On my mama)
Boy, don't upset your mama 'cause we gon' come take her baby (Don't do it, on your ass)
Knock your cap off your head, now she cryin' like it's graduation (Come back on your ass)
I had a bag on me since sixteen, pussy, come and take it (Come get it)
Go tell that pussy that dropped it it's double on his baby
His old ass hatin' 'cause a nigga young and rich (Old ass)
Or is it 'cause a nigga young, rich, and fuckin' his bitch? (On God)
I stand on business, on my own, I'm never sendin' hits (I stand on it)
The fuck I look like payin' a nigga to get caught and snitch? (The fuck?)
I ain't payin' no nigga for shit, nigga (Police-ass)
I'm really gon' go get a nigga
I'm really gon' come out of all this jewelry and shit, suit up, hop in that— yeah
Nigga know how I'm coming
Nigga know my body
Quit playing with me, nigga, on NuNu, nigga, on my son

[Verse 2]
Ayy, I know how I'm gon' die, gon' die with my hand on that trigger (That blrrrd)
I know why you gon' die and that's for speaking on my nigga (On God)
What type of nigga say he smokin' an opp, ain't the killer? (What?)
The same type gon' get stood over, don't make a hospital (On God)
Bitch, I run with the killers (The killers)
Posted on the block all day gambling 'till we get drop on niggas
I be on the block with a Glock hotter than a chicken tender (It's hot)
My niggas experienced, we don't go on mission with beginners (At all)
Lord know I'm mama baby, sorry mama, I'm a sinner (Sinner)
I'm a dog, king of the kennel
Deep in that water, a swimmer
Bad bitch sittin' to my left, every time we fuck, I leave it in her
These niggas ain't talkin' 'bout nothin', that's my lil' shit, I'm fuckin' with her (My shit)
If you lookin' for her, pull up on us, bitch, we clutchin' pistols (Nigga, that's my bitch)

Blrrrd, Big Blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd
The biggest, nigga

Song writer(s): BIG30, Chosen 1, DJ KJ , Doc Playboi

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