Need A Man by Caron Wheeler

Man men I meet keep asking me the question, "Are you single? Would you like my company?" But before you answer, I'll offer suggestion there are certain qualities your'e gonna need. First of all, you'll need your self-respect and understanding all the way through. Also you're to have your health and strength and love abounding. Oh it's up to you, because you see...

I need a man
To know he can be all that he can be
I need a man to love me deeper
So much sweeter for my lover

It's not enough just walking tall, dark, and handsome. I need a man who carries himself well. I want someone who loves babies with a passion, with the change and skill to build a home somewhere fireside, where we could cuddle up and talk for hours all through the night. Shower joy where we could wash away each others troubles then feel alright. Then we get rude in the nude and we get it right


Well I need a man
Who can be all he can
Humility with style and fashion cash in the bank
A dread with passion yeah

Fireside, where we could cudle up and talk for hours through the night. Shower joy, where we could wash away each other's troubles. Oh then we get rude in the nude and we get it right


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